Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mid Autumn Celebrations 2011

My Mid Autumn Celebration on 2011 doesn't involve any BBQ like the taiwanese nor chinese dumplings like the China chinese :)

Given a choice, i often opt for something western, and this year CY & I celebrated it at Alexis. Below were my sin of the night... wakaka

Pasta carbonara was the first to arrive our table to safe the 2 hungry stomach!! And look at the hungry man, can't wait for me to take a decent photo but started the meal without me

Follow by the juicy pizza!! Take note on those green leafy... they are call ROCKET :) I say juicy pizza because it's really juicy & they use a lot of olive oil... slightly on the oily side but taste good

Of course a good meal must end with a good note. Ours end with a Nutty Choc Meringue

After all these... I am a satisfied WIFEY!

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