Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mid Autumn Celebrations 2011

My Mid Autumn Celebration on 2011 doesn't involve any BBQ like the taiwanese nor chinese dumplings like the China chinese :)

Given a choice, i often opt for something western, and this year CY & I celebrated it at Alexis. Below were my sin of the night... wakaka

Pasta carbonara was the first to arrive our table to safe the 2 hungry stomach!! And look at the hungry man, can't wait for me to take a decent photo but started the meal without me

Follow by the juicy pizza!! Take note on those green leafy... they are call ROCKET :) I say juicy pizza because it's really juicy & they use a lot of olive oil... slightly on the oily side but taste good

Of course a good meal must end with a good note. Ours end with a Nutty Choc Meringue

After all these... I am a satisfied WIFEY!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

An Unforgetabble Experience - by Kerastase

I often waste my time surfing internet to find out the goodies that I can get from internet (ahem ahem... i know i know i am very kiasu :P) And one day I stumble upon a website sharing about something FOC from Kerastase. (KERASTASE??? Is it Kerastase?)

Without second thought, I click to the Kerastase Link posted on that page (sorry, i forgot to keep track where i got it). As usual, you need to fill in the form and the usual questionnaire before you can click the "submit" button. Nothing is free rite? Okay, so i patiently completed the form and click submit. But what came out was... "We have received your information, the voucher will be sent to you in 14/30days" Sianzz, I thought there would be an online voucher or something. So what to do, wait at the post box la.

Day 1 - No news
Day 2 - No news
Day 3 - Not so fast right? They need to process it backend what...
Day ???? Until i totally forgot about it and One night when I check the letter box, I saw a grey colour greeting card size envelope. Ha? I thought, raya season greeting card is green colour? What is this card about? Then I saw the Kerastase logo!! Ohh??? is this something I've been waiting for?

Bingo!!! I got that voucher!!! But wait, is this totally FOC? So I call up one of the Saloon and check with them... Okay, No FREE lunch, I need to pay the price of a wash & blow which ranges from RM25-30 (that's the price you gotta pay for at "high class" saloon la~ I was tempted to try out at centro..... but I think their wash and blow would be more than the price quoted?)

Since I gotta pay the price for hair wash, I might as well fully utilise it rite? So I waited till 911 to use the voucher. (This has no relation to the 911 in States) just that I need to attend a wedding function fr CY side.

Fast forward to 911, after a sumptious BKT brunch at Klang, it's almost time for the treatment. It was a gloomy day.

As soon as I reached the Saloon, I though, waow, it’s kinda empty on Sunday afternoon ya? Anyway, I told the guy I made an appointment to redeem the Kerastase treatment and he said okay and lead me to the chair…. Everything seems fine? Then he went to take out a bottle of Kerastase serum and told me this serum is to strengthen my hair. Okay then, let’s proceed

I started with shampooing my hair to clear all the dirt away. The shampoo is a quiet guy I suppose? Coz he didn’t try to strike a conversation with me, and me being a bit lazy (and scared if I talk too much, later he will hard sell me any additional service :P ) we stayed rather quiet over the whole shampooing process, which I like it very much, coz I can relax and read over some gossip tabloids.

After the shampooing process I was lead back to the chair and that guy had a tough time trying to comb my all tangled up hair!! (That’s due to the fact that they didn’t put any conditioner during the rinsing? Which is on purpose?) after that, he sectioned my hair started spraying the serum onto a small section and started rubbing the hair….. Once it’s done, he gave me a quick hair massage before putting me on the “steam machine”, there after he went to serve another customer.

Once the steaming is done, another girl came to serve me and rinse off my hair. There after the girl put on the Oleo Relax – Slim to my hair any she recommended that I should use this so that the hair is not so frizzy and will be more manageable. Got sell a bit, but not hard sell, which I find them good!!! And I like the hair blow that the girl gave me which a small curl at the end of the hair.

In total, I paid RM28 for the hair wash & blow.

Is this an unforgettable experience? I wouldn’t say it’s an unforgettable but definitely a pampering session. My hair feels soft & supple and Definitely more shinny!! I am definitely saving some moolah for the pampering session!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fancy Illusionist 200 Followers Celebration Giveaway !


There's a great giveaway organised by Fancy Illutionist!! A lot of things to be won! U can find the details of the prizes from her blog!

Go check it out girls b4 the giveaway expires end May :)


Inglot Coming to Malaysia!!

Has those company started to realise the importance of Malaysia market? There seems to be quite some "new" international brand springing out in Malaysia. New as in previously not available in local Malaysia. First it was Uniqlo then Sephora and now Inglot!

I wonder if H&M is coming to KL too??

Anyway I spotted Inglot while I was meeting up with frens in Sunway Pyramid. Have heard great words about their eye shadow... hopefully I don't have to wait long to have a test on their lovely colours!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Smoky Eyes

Recently I was hooked on reading beauty blog from various blogger, Jessying is one of them. Why I was hooked? For the very apparent reason, i get lots of updates on make up, the beauty trends, product reviews and not forgetting FREEBIEEESSS!!!

Recently I was lucky enough to win the "f.o.x Makeup School @ Counter Launch and Makeover voucher giveaway!!!" After receiving the voucher from Jess, I quickly made an appointment with F.O.X Cosmetics on that weekend, coz the voucher is expiring very soon. And due to logistic issue, i choose their nearest counter to do the make over - At the 1U Parkson branch.

So after a busy Saturday afternoon, I arrived at F.O.X make up counter at 7pm :P hoping to start the class earlier (while my appointment was scheduled at 8pm) but the PIC went for dinner I guess.... so i went to Zarra for a quick shopping and come back at around 7.50pm and Stephanie is already there welcoming me!! :)

Stephanie was the make up artist (counter manager) on duty that day. Before we begin, she briefly explain to me what are the options available for me to choose, and I have been wanting to learn on how to do the smoky eyes, so without hesitation I told her I wanted to do smoky eyes!!

To start off, she ask what colours would I like to try, initially i thought of a purple hue as I saw the purple colour that Jess did for her lesson was pretty attractive, but after I discussed with Stephanie she suggested me to go with the safer colour choice as I don't make up that much and the Gold, Brown, Black (looks like dark green to me) would be more versatile and goes well with my almost all black wardrobe. She's the pro, let's just take her suggestion but deep in me, I was wondering, Gold??? Would it look too Dramatic (kua zheong?) and Brown? Not interesting at all.... but we shall see how!

While Steph is busy walking here n there taking out a lot of stuff, i was wondering, express make up wor.... y the full gear? Brush set, foundation, blusher, lip gloss, lip stick... etc etc

Apparently Steph is giving me an overview of F.O.X cosmetic and let me try out on their products. So i started off with their make up base first, as this is a trial class (and I am not going for a dinner later, Steph suggest me to just use their base + loose powder to achieve a more natural shopping nite look) Okay, I like the idea.... and she apply half of my face and request me to pay attention as later I'll need to do it myself :P I noticed that she didn't really apply the base to the eyelid, so i asked Y, then she replied, she have something for the lid.... waowww

After that, she saw my eyebrow are like a bunch of unruly grass and she helped me to trim off the unruly part (that's different than shaping ya... dun get it wrong) and then she took out the eyebrow powder to teach me on how to use it. Frankly I like the eyebrow powder idea, makes the brow more natural.

After the brow, she took out a stick which is suppose to be the base for the eyelid... it's white in colour and I should apply a thin layer onto the eyes, after which I'll see a white patch which she mentioned it's intended to be like that. Oh yah, that eye stick thing is made from bee wax and is suppose to give a long lasting power!!.

Then comes the main course of the night, eyeshadow application. She start it off with the brown colour (medium colour) and to start apply on the middle part of the crease and slowly work it out. And then use the brush, to brush inward so that the eyeshadow colour wun go too far beyong. After that we dip the brush to the darkest colour (which looks like dark green due to light reflection) and brush a bit (inward stroke) on the side of the eye and slowly blend it evenly. and of course the last part is to put on the gold powder (not glittery gold, just a gold colour) on the front part of the eye. and Then to line the lower last line with the brown colour and a bit of the dark green. Then to apply on the eyeliner.... I like their ink eyeliner... (i think after the bobbi brown's is done, I shall try it with this one.) didn't really smear after 1 hr+ :P and also not forgeting to use the gold colour to draw the line on the front part of the eyes.

After the eyes, we moved on to blusher, F.O.X's blusher comes in 2 tone, one for highlight and another for low light, we start with the darker colour and she suggest me to start from slightly below my temple and brush down (not up), coz if brush up it'd make the face look even bigger, which in my case, i want the face to look more "focused" so brushing down is ideal. And then the lighter color I just brush around my cheer area towards the temple and don't go lower then the nose line!

For Lips, initially she recommended a lip gloss which I don't like.... too pinkist and too sweet for my liking and later she changed to another lipstick colour which I think was kinda okay.

Viola, my make up is done!! Oh no... it's only half of my face! I need to complete the other half which she gives me time to explore and not just stand there and stare at me, which I like!

Overall, this is a very nice experience and I'll definately consider getting their eyeliner and eyeshadow!!

Oh yah, another pointer, they are not pushy! As in Steph wun keep pushing or promoting me to buy their products, which makes me very comfortable and will want to get their product to try!! :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Year of Golden Rabbit

Time flies, it's the 9th day of CNY. And I am hoping to mark down something on this CNY so that when one fine day i read back, i can recall how I celebrated my 2011 CNY.

After a really bad and big fight in Dec with TheOne, he compromised willingly to come back to KL on Chor 2!! *jumping high & low* there lifted one big heavy stone in my heart for CNY. As i really don't feel like having a fight with him on CNY.

This year we went to ipoh on Nin 29 (Feb 1st), Initially we were supposed to start the journey way early in the morning, however i wasn't feeling good and got sore throat in the morning, so i suggested to CY either i go c doctor @ ipoh or in PJ, which he choose the later. By the time we are done at Clinic Wong, it's already 10.30am, we quickly go grab some breakfast and rush back home to finalise the packing to go back ipoh. And last minute he still need to go back to SS2 to buy the yuk kon for his grandma!! Cost me RM37!!
Had some quarrel on the way to ipoh, but manage to patch things up b4 we reach ipoh. Upon reaching, we went to Mushroom Hut to ta pau HorHee and went home to eat. As for dinner it's the usual dining at HongTou again *boring* after that we went to parkson to shop for CNY clothes for FIL & CY.

Nin 30
Can't remember much as i was on medication and a bit drowsy. Breakfast was the Lotus Pau from the infamous Ipoh FuShan, and we had a GIANT DaiPao from the nearby shop. It's nothing to shout about except that it's big.
After the meal, i went to take some rest and help MIL with the cutting and chopping.
Dinner this year was very very simple. The pig stomach soup, steam prawn, chinese style stir fry sar kot, braised sea cucumber and mushroom. And not to forget the Yee Sung (RM48) that CY take away from the shop we had out wedding dinner. As usual, everything is cold by the time we eat around 6pm.

Chor 1
Woke up rather late, then quickly showered and go to the temple for praying and also the vegetarian meal. After that came home to rest at home.
At night I was starting to cough badly and CY brought me to Jusco to get some breacol.

Chor 2
As usual, MIL cooked "Wong Min". After the breakfast we took rest a while and start to pack home to KL (YEAH!!) But on the way back CY's face was kinda dark n throwing a bit tantrum... but i just ignore him :P

Chor 3
Kinda peaceful as I was coughing badly

Chor 4, Sunday
Went to 1U in the morning to get the water boiler and afternoon Frens came to bai nin and we gamble a bit

Chor 5-9 working

Chor 10, Grandma Bday - Afternoon & Nite CY Hse BBQ
Chor 11, Went to Kajang for dinner

Chor 12 Normal working day & Valentine's day :) Went to watch I Lov HK & Ninja Joe
Chor 13 PH - Went to 1U for shopping (argument with CY)
Chor 14 Farewell dinner with Uncle
Chor 15 Dinner at home with grandma

And that's my 2011 CNY celebrations. This year very good!! Didn't buy any shoes... hehhhe