Thursday, February 10, 2011

Year of Golden Rabbit

Time flies, it's the 9th day of CNY. And I am hoping to mark down something on this CNY so that when one fine day i read back, i can recall how I celebrated my 2011 CNY.

After a really bad and big fight in Dec with TheOne, he compromised willingly to come back to KL on Chor 2!! *jumping high & low* there lifted one big heavy stone in my heart for CNY. As i really don't feel like having a fight with him on CNY.

This year we went to ipoh on Nin 29 (Feb 1st), Initially we were supposed to start the journey way early in the morning, however i wasn't feeling good and got sore throat in the morning, so i suggested to CY either i go c doctor @ ipoh or in PJ, which he choose the later. By the time we are done at Clinic Wong, it's already 10.30am, we quickly go grab some breakfast and rush back home to finalise the packing to go back ipoh. And last minute he still need to go back to SS2 to buy the yuk kon for his grandma!! Cost me RM37!!
Had some quarrel on the way to ipoh, but manage to patch things up b4 we reach ipoh. Upon reaching, we went to Mushroom Hut to ta pau HorHee and went home to eat. As for dinner it's the usual dining at HongTou again *boring* after that we went to parkson to shop for CNY clothes for FIL & CY.

Nin 30
Can't remember much as i was on medication and a bit drowsy. Breakfast was the Lotus Pau from the infamous Ipoh FuShan, and we had a GIANT DaiPao from the nearby shop. It's nothing to shout about except that it's big.
After the meal, i went to take some rest and help MIL with the cutting and chopping.
Dinner this year was very very simple. The pig stomach soup, steam prawn, chinese style stir fry sar kot, braised sea cucumber and mushroom. And not to forget the Yee Sung (RM48) that CY take away from the shop we had out wedding dinner. As usual, everything is cold by the time we eat around 6pm.

Chor 1
Woke up rather late, then quickly showered and go to the temple for praying and also the vegetarian meal. After that came home to rest at home.
At night I was starting to cough badly and CY brought me to Jusco to get some breacol.

Chor 2
As usual, MIL cooked "Wong Min". After the breakfast we took rest a while and start to pack home to KL (YEAH!!) But on the way back CY's face was kinda dark n throwing a bit tantrum... but i just ignore him :P

Chor 3
Kinda peaceful as I was coughing badly

Chor 4, Sunday
Went to 1U in the morning to get the water boiler and afternoon Frens came to bai nin and we gamble a bit

Chor 5-9 working

Chor 10, Grandma Bday - Afternoon & Nite CY Hse BBQ
Chor 11, Went to Kajang for dinner

Chor 12 Normal working day & Valentine's day :) Went to watch I Lov HK & Ninja Joe
Chor 13 PH - Went to 1U for shopping (argument with CY)
Chor 14 Farewell dinner with Uncle
Chor 15 Dinner at home with grandma

And that's my 2011 CNY celebrations. This year very good!! Didn't buy any shoes... hehhhe

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