Monday, November 22, 2010

Vios Remote Control -- Battery

Nothing last forever, when it's due for retirement, one should let it rest peacefully. So don't wait till last minute to plan for backup!

That's what i believe in, so when i sensed that the car remote battery is giving me weak signal, my heart beat faster whenever i need to drive the car out. Worry that it will just die on me and give me a big shock!

After some pestering from mom, last weekend when hub n I was strolling leisurely at 1U, i told him i wanted to get it done, so we walked to the nearest cobber to get it changed.

When we arrived at the shop, (S: me; C: shop guy)

S: Excuse me, i want to change the battery of my car remote control
C: (look up) okay, wat type of remote
S: (show the remote)
C: 1 or 2 battery??
S: (in my head, aren't u suppose to know) errrr
C: Okay, RM15 for one and RM30 for 2
S: (in my head, whatever la) Okay
C: is the battery dried up already?
S: Not dead yet, just giving me very weak signal
C: if that's the case, go finish up the battery first, coz once u change the battery, the signal might run
S: then how?
C: Dun worry, can go to ur car to do the re-setting, but that's another RM25
S: (WTH, u think i am a big water fish???) Okay, I'll let the battery dead first then change la~

To cut the story short, I went there this morning, and got the battery changed, and it cost me only RM17.60 for 2 pcs of battery inside the remote (for One remote) and the guy brought the remote to the car, press some button on the remote and Viola~

So morale of the story? Yes, the service centre stuff might be more expensive, but for small stuff like this, their price are pretty reasonable.

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