Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I want something to decorate my new office

on Ten Ten Ten, on our way to Ipoh, CY mentioned that he wanted something to decorate his new room. I don't know what he have in mind... i just kept quiet. During our journey home, I was trying to find some topic to kill the time (sitting in the car under the hot sun can be really boring). So i casually asked " so u wanted to decorate ur room?" "Yah! Maybe we go ikea to check out tonight?" he replied enthusiastically. He's really in the mood, and no reason for me to say no rite?

So after we unpack the luggage n took a shower, we went straight to ikea... walk walk walk n nothing seem fruitful (even the dinner at ikea also making me wanna puke!) As I was strolling leisurely till the lamp section, I casually told CY, I need a lamp to put next to the dresser for make up. As usual we check out a few n i would expect him to say we keep this in mind first... but who knows he says.. let's get this one!! i was like "REALLY????" Since he is paying for it, no point i don't accept ya? hahaha

So we happily take home a Lersta. Will post the photo later :)

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