Sunday, February 21, 2010

2010 CNY

This year, the 2010 pre n post CNY celebrations was good!! It was fun and busy 2 weeks!! And I wonder y time got to fly so fast that by the time I am posting this, it's already end of March! Okay, let's not talk about crap, get back to the topic. This year Alice is coming to join us for CNY celebration as her last leg of her South East Asia Tour. She arrive on the 10th Feb at nite. And I made a silly mistake of thinking she is arriving at 9th, almost wanted to go to airport already! haha

If i were to detail out all the details, it's gonna be a long long post which i dunno when i'm gonna be done with it. So everything is in point form.

11/2, Thurs @ MV CENTRO, Alice perm hair, SF marathon appt & lunch with Jennifer & KS + 2 interviews. Then go shopping. Reached home Allie went out with SFei for a drink.

12/2, Fri - Go Putrajaya, mosque Hot day then take train back to Ipoh n super at the super long wait wat tan hor shop!

13/2, Sat - Nin 30, met CY's youngest aunt n lunch with her. Come back then reunion dinner

14/2, Sun - Chor 1 - Go tah bao chai choi, go perak hole, come back shower have lunch then sleep n then ush. dinner just watch TV

15/2, Mon Chor 2 - Had a big argument with CY on the timing to come back to KL, though we bought the train ticket for the same day at 1pm.

16/2, Tues Go MV wif Alice to buy bolster

Fri - work
- Dinner with Irene & Gang. Then proceed to Andy's house for the gambling session. went home around 3+

Sat - BBQ
Sunday - SMTS Gathering @ BK house. Buy "sweet castle" and bai tin gong
Mon - Thurs Work as usual

Fri - San San open house

Sat - Interview then go 1U - 72 tenants

Sunday - Oriental Pavillion gathering wif ex DotCC, went puncak jalil and BBQ at home

It concludes my 2010 CNY celebration!! a real 2 weeks CNY gala!!

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