Sunday, January 24, 2010

Maldivian Claud

After moved in to the new house in less than a year, we discovered that the painting on exterior wall has faded!! Day by day that it has faded till an extend of making our new house looks like an OLD one!!

So it's not hard to guess what's my to do list for PRE-CNY prep ya??


Fret not, i'm not so ambitious to paint the whole house, just the outer wall where the main gate attached to it!! So what's my to buy list?

Dulux Weather Shield - White
Weather Shield - Maldivian Claud (it's actually a blueish grey)
Black paint (for the gate)

So on last Saturday morning, both of us wake up at 6.45am to prep to paint the house!!! and Gosh, i din know that it's gonna be this tiring!!! (Seriously, no kidding, it's really TIRING) we are both exhausted when we finally completed this mini project!! (and I'm glad we did it n I'm happy with the new look of it)

Here's a sneak peak of LG painting the house!!

What did i learn during this process?
1) Don't be stingy! If you are not sure the leftover paint is enough for the job, get enough supply or else u'll risk doing that tiring job again!!
2) Brushes! Make sure you get enough brushes!
3) Tape! Useful to do the delicate area without having the hassle of touching up!
4) Dun be lazy! Cover the flr with newspaper!! or else u gotta sit there with ur tiring butt, hand and leg to remove the stain! Worse of all, make ur finger dry n skin crack!
5) Check the weather forecast! As u don't want the rain to ruin your few hours HARDWORK!!
6) Be creative and bold! change new colours, coz painting the same old colour could be boring!

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