Monday, January 18, 2010

How much does it cost to post a CNY card to KL??

50cts? 30cts?

Well to avoid the embarrassment (coz I'm sending those to my clients) I make a trip to the post office. Based on my assumption, non sealed CNY cards should get a cheaper postage.

It was a hot & sunny day that everyone decided to go to post office to run their errands that parking in post office was all FULL!! ok nvm, i just park illegally and they can't give me a ticket for just simply park my car!! hahahha Situation inside the post office wasn't pleasant either, it's filled with retired people trying to pay their household bills. Okay that's expected, so I patiently queue up at the "Setem" line and waited for like 15mins coz the guy in front of me was sending tons of registered mail!! arrrghhhh

Finally my turn, i pass him the card,
(M = Me; O = Officer)
M: semua hantar ke KL
O: Seal kan envelope tu, tak seal lima puloh cent, seal 30cent
M: ok ok, nanti saya pergi seal.

Hmmm i remember years ago when sending CNY cards is a trend I tend not to seal the card coz it can save me 5cents of postage. I suppose time has changed and now sealed envelope are cheaper so that the letter wun fall off and the post office people don't have to put it back nicely?

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