Wednesday, January 13, 2010

OPI - Over the taupe

Since young, i'm used to seeing my mom in her pretty glossy pink nail polish! Back then mani & pedicure was not common, in fact I din even know you can go to a nail saloon to get ur nail fixed!! I guess it was then I have secretly like the idea of putting nail polish.

But back them I was very tom boyish. Can't really remember when did i start to put nail polish. I guess it must me during the uni time. I still remember I purposely went to get a nail polish (revlon) just to get it match with my dress :) to go for an Opera, Les' Miserable... the good old memories.

Fast forward to current, my latest addition of OPI -> A greyish with subtle hint of purple shade. Mom and LG hates it, but i thought it was kinda cool~ what you think?

This was taken while i had nothing better to do in the car, taken with my mobile without flash under direct sunlight

This was taken in the office *sheeesshhh don't let the boss know*

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