Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Am I a doomed manager? Everytime when i start to have a good bond with my staff they wanna hit me with the word GOOD BYE!!

The first case happened when after a long long day I drive home to get an sms (around sunway pyramid area) that my staff wanted to resign. And she mention she has thought about this for long and have made up her mind. When I tried to call her, she has switched off her phone!!! FURIOUS!!

2nd case, the girl came to my desk at 7pm when i was about to call it a day to ask " Do you have a minute to talk" Okay immediately I know what she wants to tell me. bla bla bla, better offer and nearer location.

Okay okay go ahead to ur greener pasture, i am not stopping u. I WILL DEFINATELY GET A BETTER REPLACEMENT

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