Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser

Ever since Ms I introduced me to foursquare I have been quite addicted to it and check in at every where that I land my foot on. On a normal weekend, I was in 1U having my WWS (Weekend Window Shopping) with hub, I took my 3gs out to check in again. Then I saw a promotional note saying that check in at Kiehl's and receive a sample pack FREE. The magic word FREE leads me clicking on it and walking in to the shop!

Before that, my impression of Kiehl's - Skeleton! Why? Coz that's what I saw from their window display. My impression on them? Not much, perhaps a brand developed together with a dermatologist? (I didn't bother to go verify myself, even until now) But it does gives me an impression of an expensive "natural based" skin care range.

Anyway, back to the freegifts, as I showed the foursquare message to the Sales Assistant (SA) she took out a form for me to fill (the usual questionare, name, hp.. etc) upon handing back the form to her, she gave me a sample cleanser to try - Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser

Of course I am NOT getting this bottle FREE! I just got 1 sachet!! There I chuck in to my bag and continue my WWS and forgetting about it. It was until recently that I do spring clean on my cabinet to found out this sachet. As I will be travelling to Ipoh for CNY and I am lazy to bring the full size cleanser, I am deciding if I should give this a try? (What if this doesn't work for me and causing me a BREAKOUT, on CNY?)

Then I look at the product description

"formulated with a sugar-derived glycoside foaming agent to thoroughly cleanse skin and remove make up, without over-drying or stripping skin"

Sugar derived & remove make up as well? Sounds interesting! So I chuck it to my make up bag (and packing another cleanser sachet as back up plan)

Product Feel:
Feels like thick gel sugar syrup in creamy silverish white. This syrupy gel cleanser lathers nicely, the foam is smooth and silky. Easy to rise off, leaving my face feeling clean and smooth.

Waow Factor:
- Cleanse away my sunblock without needing to double cleanse
- Doesn't leave my skin feeling dry nor tingling after the wash
- Foam lathers well and easy to rinse
- Doesn't cause me any break out

Boo Factor:
- Doesn't come with a pick me up smell like my current facial wash. (this is important to wake me up in the morning)

Purchase Factor:
I am tempted to get a full size product upon finishing my current facial cleanser, cause I am really lazy to double cleanse and I am really worried that without properly cleansing, the sunblock would cause me massive whiteheads!

Do give this product a try if you are tempted after my review :)

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