Sunday, April 8, 2012


Today I am going to review a natural ingredient body wash that I am keeping it in my travel bag :)


You must be wondering why am I keeping it in my travel bag, is it too good that i must bring it when travelling or the other way round?

To be frank, when I first got this body was (a gift from a fren) i was like.... huh? Nirvana body wash???? yakss what a name! In case you are wondering, Nirvana = 富贵山庄= well known bereavement care company in Malaysia. In fact I waited a while before trying, due to the name!! hahahah i am strange heh.

Finally one fine day, i am too bored with my usual body wash and tempted to try out new "smell" so i took it out from the cabinet and give it a try. And this one seems fitting the recent hype of being organic. and It's supposed to derived its ingredient from herbal extract.

"Antipodes is a certified organic skincare and natural skincare range from New Zealand which provides a healthy, positive alternative to the mass of less authentic natural brands and synthetic chemical brands."

How did I like it? Well the body wash doesn't lather into heavy foam (in case u are the type like my hub that insist on covering his own body with white foam) but does the cleaning job fairly well I would say.

The smell, which is a very important factor in considering a body wash, is quite unique. It's refreshing, but not because of the usual citrus based smell. The small reminds me of a freshly cut grass. Imagine you are in a big field and the lawnmower just passed thru. And you get some very greeny grass smell rite? Well this body wash smell the same. Doesn't leave u a strong after shower smell like u just did the gardening but just nice enuff to give you a refreshing kick!

The texture: quite runny in pale yellow, again, probably it's because of the organic thingy hence the texture is not that thick

So now you understand why I keep it in my travelling bag? After a tiring day, i really feel like having something relax and refreshing!

Would i consider buying? Well probably if the price isn't so wallet unfriendly :P


  1. Hee! I was thinking Nirvana like the grunge band, not like a bereavement company. Different perceptions. :-)

  2. lol. when i hear of the name, im kinda reluctant to buy it. im really a typical chinese

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