Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May 2012

I can't believe 2012 is almost half gone! Seems like yesterday that I am indulging myself in the CNY goodies - FOOD! May is ending in few days time.

So far May 2012 is really a roller coaster month for me. Good and bad came in together. May welcome me with a few bad news... few business deal were called off due to some unforeseen circumstances. (Though some were foreseeable) And my staff of 3 will all be gone by end May. Tragic tragic! One resignation is expected as she couldn't perform while surfing whole day at FB busy commenting ppl's post and worse of all, I found out that she was sneaking in her part time work during working hours! Then came another keep going on MC and suddenly told me that her cornea got big problem and doctor have advised her not to look at the screen for more than 4 hours per day! So after 2 weeks of unpaid leave, she decided to resign. Well I guess for her health condition, I couldn't stop her. Then came the 3rd one, telling me that she wanted to venture into something else. Oh great! everything happen in the same month!