Sunday, May 27, 2012

Recent Happenings

Of late, there seems a lot happenings around PJ area. First it was the opening of Isetan, then come the more exciting part - the food section at ISETAN. You can noticed this by browing some food bloggers review. A lot of them are busy reviewing the new food choices available at Isetan. And with 2 new ramen option, the blosphere seems unintentionally going into some fad for ramen review? (If I remember, I'll talk about this later, on ramen of course).

Just before I'm able to sample all the availability from Isetan, one of the famous Hong Kong based Mango dessert chain set their foot down at 1U!

And you can see there's a lot people crowded at their shop already. I guess desserts are part and parcel of Malaysian's life?  I really have no idea about their menu in comparison with the one in Hong Kong.

At the same time, another mall somewhere nearby to 1U is mushrooming up! Paradigm Mall @ Kelana Jaya. With the new access road made available, it's really just a stone throw away from where i stay. How do i feel about this new place? I don't think this building is fit for a soft launch yet! Though the occupancy is up to 80% But there's still a lot of loose end to be settled. Renovation stain on the floor to be cleaned up, water leaking problem at the car park to be fixed, esclator hand rail to be cleaned... etc etc. Best of all I was at this dessert shop (I am not going to name the place coz I think it's the building fault not the shop) water was dripping from the "sky" Look at the photo to get the proof!!

Anyway, there are quite a lot of food options available at this place. I think with GSC & Tesco opening, I can forsee myself to frequent this place often to go grocery shopping n catch a movie on weekends!


  1. Hui Lau Shan.. I tried it in Hong Kong..
    It was really good .. now they got it in 1U?
    good good...

  2. water leaking in Paridigm mall?
    is the water or someone spitting? kakakakaka...

    1. Dun think it's spitting... having said that... i can't guarantee that my dessert doesn't have anything add on :P

  3. Can it be true? Healthy desserts? Yes please!

  4. check it out & let me know :)

  5. yeah, i also agree with you that shopping malls are growing like mushrooms after rain in PJ area.. but too bad, i have not even been to any of the new one, not even the new Isetan in 1U, haha!!

    hmmm.. Hui Lau Shan, i don't really fancy this actually, so never plan to try that also.. :p