Monday, September 3, 2012

Has technology bring us closer?

When internet start to pick up with the heat, I thought it was really great! Coz suddenly I can get in touch back with a lot of friends, I get to email my bosom friends, I get to chat with the Hi-Bye friend and often I am surprised by the Six degrees of separation theory and found out that this internet friend of mine is indeed so and so's friend as well. Back then I am really amazed....

Throughout the years, technology has evolved till a point whereby people can share everything easily with the birth of facebook, blogspot, twitter, pinterest... etc. More a higher/ closer level of engagement, blog writting has become a trend. Some people blog about their daily lives, some brag about their travelling experience, some shared about their beauty box and some boast about their gastronomic adventures.

Walk into a restaurant/ cafe/ kopitiam, you can easily spot people take pictures of everything! Their ceiling, fan, spoon, menu, food and etc. For me, i dont quite like about this. You see, I like to eat my food immediately when it's served (unless I need to wait for someone out of politeness). I always can't help but immediately pick up the chopstick to start eating. Often I hear a sharp instruction coming "Hey, don't eat that first, I need to take pictures of it" ok okay. There I gotta put down my chopstick and start staring the food imagining how delicious it would be while waiting for the food to be photographed at different angle!

Another common scene in a restaurant would be a bunch of people sat down, ordered their food and then everyone starts to take out their gadjets to "check in", "tweet", "post photos and tag people" and then they would start to "whatsapp" or "line" or whatever. My personal encounter would be after being seated, my partner would take out his phone, and start chatting away happily and when I asked if he wanted to order anything, he will simply browse the menu then order and then paid his attention fully to the phone! If you ask me, I feel neglected! So what do I do? Complaint? No that won't work, coz his ear would be shut off. Nothing to do, I would have to dig my phone and start facebooking.

So, Has technology bring us closer? I would say technology has shorten the gap between people. But it has also causes less close interaction between people. For Eg, when you have a friend decided to take up an overseas job, you may not feel the difference as after the farewell dinner, you can still FB, whatsapp or tweet with him/ her immediately when s/he touch down. However when it's a gathering where everyone should gather and talk... there bound to be one or two person start taking out the phone to start playing with it.

As the saying goes, there's always 2 side of a coin, depending which side are you seeing.

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  1. Very well said...
    Of course life will be less fun without technology...
    Well it also give you some time to admire the food first rather than it end up in your tummy.... :p