Monday, September 17, 2012

Bread Person

Bread and cakes have always been my favorite since young! I remember taking on a part time job after PMR as a shop assistant in a bakery shop. During the first few days, I was soooooo excited remembering the names of the bread and cakes as well as learning on how to wrap the cake box with the typical red ribbon.

By the end of 2 months (almost) I developed a fear towards cake already. Coz every night I would go home smell like a cake! Till now, I still can remember that phobia.

During my uni days, I remember that I went on crazy about bread! I am normally a $$ concious person, but when it comes to bread, I'll just pick what I like and pay at the check out. Of course there are days where I've spent a lil more on bread, but I'll just try to balance it from other expenses.

Fast forward till last weekend, I was at one of my favourite bakery - Lavender choosing bread for my next day breakfast. I found something and join the beeline to queue. Suddenly, when i looked at the inner side of the shop, it strike me that why I didn't go to that section to check out?!! As they would put the freshly baked item there. So I put back my choice and when to that section to choose.

I think in less than 2 mins, my eyes were fixed on this bread? Love at first sight you may call it. Without hessitation, i took one on my tray and I was trying to check out the price but non avail... but never mind la, it shouldn't be that expensive rite?

When I arrived at the cash register, I requested them to slice the loaf for me and then I turn my head to look at the cash register, thinking why the cashier is so slow coz the register is showing RM20. After a 2 second wait, I cannot tahan, so i asked, how much and the cashier mention RM20 in a friendly tone. Gosh I was shocked! Yes I admit, i am shocked, RM20 for this loaf of bread???? But what to do, it'd be too embarassing to say No by now.

Then I survey the shop a bit, and I found these ---

Champion bread! No wonder so expensive! So when I reached the car, I couldn't help but wanting to taste a slice. First bite, OMG!! It;s been a really long time that I have a bread that surprises me! The texture if soft but firm... it's like those memory foam, It's soft but u know it's densely packed! and for 5 minutes, I couldn't really tell what's inside the bread! This is even more interesting. By the time I am done with the whole slice, I think they are using a different flour, and I am not sure if they did put dried "longan" in the bread? And there's a faint alcohol inside?

I must say, I tried very hard to resist myself from finishing the whole bread. I think if not because SomeOne stopped me from finishing the bread, I would have finished the whole loaf that night itself!

I am tempted to get another loaf.... But at RM20.... my heart ache a lil. Hmmm since my birthday is coming, perhaps I shall discuss with my SomeOne to trade the birthday cake with 2 loaf of Champion bread?

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