Thursday, September 13, 2012

To get or not to get?

So the new phone is out, the question now is TO GET OR NOT TO GET?

As usual, Malaysia does not fall under the first wave, what about 2nd hit? Sorry, not in the list. So when will the phone hit Malaysia shore? Some said Dec, some said 6 months later. I don;t know, but I do hope it will come in faster!

Of course, there are some planning to get it from our good neighbor, SINGAPORE. But without the nanosim, the most that the phone is to perform like a minipad relying on WIFI connection? I was told wrong! apparently if you have a mini-Sim, congratulations, you can try to cut it to nano-Sim. Don't ask me how, as my phone is still using the small chip version of sim!

Side track a bit, phone sim used to be as big as a credit card, and now it became nanosim? I'm amazed by technology! At the same time, I am afraid! Will there be a day where I am very outdated and doesn't know how to handle the gadjets just like some uncle aunty that is not PC literate?

Another issue to consider is the provision of LTE, So far none of the telco in MY is able to provide this as yet. Last heard, Ms Red and Banana man is still busy upgrading their backbone and putting LTE on testing phase. Anyhow, I sure hope the days of LTE arrive faster.

So with all these limitation, am I still getting the Phone? I shall discuss with my Financial Controller and see what he has to comment on this.

Till then, have a great LONG weekend!

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  1. who is Ms Red and Banana Man?
    Definetely go for it..