Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I love curls on hair! It's so versatile, you can bun it up easily or let loose for a casual look for perhaps a half up romantic look! However, pretty thing needs maintenance, especially if you want to have nicely curled locks!

Ever since I permed my hair, I have to diligently use conditioner to make my hair softer and then use the hair oil to give the extra smooth and shine.

I am currently using this Loreal Smooth Intense which is an anti-frizz leave in serum. What I like most about this serum is that it smells good and it's not overly oily for my oily scalp. As for the anti frizz, it doesn't really tame my stubborn frizz.

After applying the serum, I used the mousse recommended by my hair stylist - Armina Spice Form in Hard.

The reason she recomended me is because I have frizzy hair and using the "hard" mousse is suppose to help with the frizz a bit. I like this mousse though it's slighly pricy, around RM68 for this bottle if my memory did not fail me.

First is the bottle cap design, it's a twist to open design which is good for me that I don't have to pick up the dropped capped

The mousse smells good, doesn't have the plunging alcohol smell you get in most mousse and it feels very thick and I normally will need about 2 handful of foam for the whole hair. And mind you, I do have a lot of hairSSS. Almost every stylist that I went to said that I have a lot of hair! (The one that didn't complaint is because she used to cut my mom's hair and that's y she already know that I got the genes from her!)

After finishing this mousse, I went on to try another moussefrom Vidal Sasson. Why I didn't stick to the Arimino? Well, never try never know, I am greedy and always think that there should be something better out there! But I am wrong on this bet. I didn't like this Vidal Sasson mousse, it has a strong amonia smell and I must apply the mousse in the bathroom so that it doesn't stink my room! Second, the product is too dilute, when I apply it to my hair.... i don't feel it gives a nice coat, and I often have to put 4-5 handful of foam to the whole hair, i reckon it's about double the volume I need from Armino. And yet, the effect is not so good.

I am now just done with this mousse and starting a lookout on the 3rd mousse already. Till then, I shall keep you updated!

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