Wednesday, October 10, 2012

SkinTown @ Beauty Expo 12

Have you ever imagined what's it going to be like in a Beauty Expo? Lots and lots of beauty related item? Masks? Hair dryer? Nail polish? Shampoos? Cosmetics? Skin care?

This year, I am very very happy that I finally get to go to the first beauty expo in my life!! (how could that be?? what happen to me in the past?)

 Particularly, I am there to attend the official launch of Skin Town, A Korea concept Beauty Salon (First of its kind!). Skin Town provide Korea Han Bang Aesthetic (Traditional Herb) using a very popular brand in Korea - Charmzone.

They have also included a product demonstration on stage using their STAR PRODUCT - Control cream

This control cream is used after your cleanser and before the toner! Yes, you got me right, after cleanser before toner. Charmzone believe, there is a blind spot in between cleansing & moisturizing. When we clean the face, the PH blance is interrupted and at the same time the skin gets dehydrated (That's why toner is important!) . With the use of toner to address the PH balance & dehydration, it might not be able prep the skin well to absorb the serum or moisturizer and hence the birth of control cream! So  now you see why  it's applied before the toner ya.

After the product demo, I went to check out their booth wanting to find out more about this control cream. The friendly lady in the booth demonstrated the product to me.  First, applied the desired amount on a properly cleansed face (double cleanse is preferred) and then massage in a gentle circular motion. After a while, the cream will become shiny, but fret not, just wipe it with tissue and apply your toner. Of course, the demo was not done on my face but on my hand, however I am impressed that the control cream is not oily! Even when it turned shiny and looked oily, when i wipe it away with tissue, it doesn't even leave any traces of oil!! I am getting more and more interested with the product!

At the end, I have decided to give Charmzone a try! To start it off, I have purposed their Blue Range:  DeAge Blue Skin Finisher which is also a moisturiser which can address my oily face concern.

The packing is filled with Korean words, which I have no clue on what is it about. :P

It's about the size of a dutch lady milk drink. It cost about RM160 for 50ml if my memory didn't fail me.

One pump dispenses just the right amount for my whole face which I like most, unlike some moisturiser that I got, 1 pump is way too much that makes the whole face wet! The moisturizer is absorbed into the skin almost immediate and I don't really need to wait a bit before applying the sunscreen every morning, and I love the fact that the moisturizer gives a clean and dry feeling. Instead of the sticky wet feeling by some of the moisturizer

I'm completing my first week of use by today, and I am quite happy with the moisturizer, doesn't cause any breakout. I have also noticed my face wasn't that oily till midday, and in fact the face stayed matte for the whole day. Now, it gives me more confidence on trying their other products!

P/S: I have also purchased their facial voucher. Will keep you posted on this later~

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