Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Dim Sum Memories

Weather lately have been really bad, it rains every afternoon. I'm lucky if the rain starts only after I get back to office, or else I had to take an umbrella or just run back to office. Never attempt to wait for the rain to stop cos it can rain for hours and gets heavier.

Some days it started to rain early even before lunch time. Those were the time where I had to survive on bread as the nearby cafeteria would be heavily flooded with people and I don't really feel like joining the crowd. And by 3-4pm, my stomach would start a small orchestra performance and those were the time I really miss Dim Sum!

If you ask me where to go for Dim Sum, frankly I do not know how to answer coz I have yet to find the perfect place for dim sum yet! My fond memories of dim sum date back to my younger days where my dad would invite my grandparents and us to this place nearby Imbi for Dim Sum. Sometimes I dreaded to go coz it's really crowded and I had to really wake up early just for the Dim Sum, but i never regretted waking up early for this!

Back then, my dad would always bring us to this Restauran TeoChew 潮州丰食园酒家 at Jalan Changkat Thambi Dollah. (which is no longer in operation now)

We were always seated in the biggest table available as we normally come in a group of 12-13 people depending on occasion. Once seated, the waitress would push their dim sum cart (in case you are wondering what is it about, refer to the reference pix below, of course I took it from somewhere and not the actual picture of the place) with steam smoking out to our tables and within minutes, our tables would filled with 10-15 baskets of Dim Sum! And next round it would be the fried stuff & Paussss

I really like their Dim Sum cart way as I get to see the hot steaming dim sum and decide if I want, instead of ordering it from the menu. Of course nowadays a more wallet friendly option dim sum place, they would hire human to carry a big tray and walk around. You still get to see the dim sum before decide. But the important part is missing, the STEAM. Without the steam, the dim sum gets cold easily or the skin could turn "hard" after a while.

Those were the days........ :))


  1. I didnt know there is a Dim sum restaurant . Thanks

  2. They have closed down few years ago, so it's not surprised that you were not aware of it. :)

    Back then this is one of the quite famous dim sum joint

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