Sunday, December 2, 2012


I begin to realize that I have moved into another stage of life when I slowly began I don't fancy the korean series, the K-pops... etc In fact, till now I only know big bang are very hit korean pop boy band, but if i were to bump into them on the street, I wouldn't be able to recognise them!

Same goes for the Twilight series. Don't know why I am never a fan of them. Teenage girl fell in love with a vampire? That's too "young" for me to appreciate. Despite a movie goer, i have conveniently avoid the twilight saga until the last part of the series - Breaking Dawn Part 2

I was sent 2 complimentary movie tickets. And the tickets were specifically for this twilight movie ONLY, not redeemable with any other movie, with this, I check with my dear partner if he wants to just utilise the voucher before me giving away to whoever interested. To my surprise he agreed and suggested we should go for a Martini Show on Sunday after his haircut. 

When we reached Paradigm Mall, he head to his favourite saloon while I go to exchange the voucher to movie tickets. 

How was the show? Frankly I find it very lengthy and boring, and I was really puzzled at few points. Even tough I have not watched the previous movies, but I roughly know what is it about, Bella, Edward and Jacob. But this ending part is really uninteresting, it's more of a movie existed just to tell how does the story ends.

In fact I am glad that I did not fork out RM26 for this movie as I could have spent it better elsewhere!

P/S: No offence to twilight fans, it's just me who doesn't understand and appreciate this ONLY

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