Monday, December 31, 2012

2012.... A year to remember

The reads on my regular reading list are writing about how have 2012 been treating them, I guess I should join them so that I can remind myself how fortunate I am this year.

In life there were UPs n DOWNs but this year things are generally cool with a few interesting moments. 

First I went for the stand up comedy by Jan Lam @ Genting.
Then, my dear surprise me to a concert by Jacky Cheung (which i am still reminiscing till now)
Then i welcome a lil princess (niece) to the family.
I started bakings and still enjoy it, hopefully I can carry on the enthusias in 2013.
Went for some great getaway trip to Melaka which is very rejuvenating.
And also a family trip to Bangkok!! It's really w trip worth remembering.
Oh yah and not forgetting that I got a great bay pressie! Thanks dear~

There were some misses accompanied by the hits but generally things are moving on track.

In 2013, I wish for more getaway trips, slim down few kg (it's in my list every year) and one more resolution which I am not sharing publicly but if it materialize then only I shall Akeem u updated.