Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Exotic food

Last week, while i was having dinner at mom's house she mention something like there was a news in the paper that people dried the sharks fin on top of the roof in Hong Kong. I was like... SO? That seems like a perfectly normal and sane way to dry sharks fin. What's the big deal?

Well, being a chinese I was taught to enjoy sharks fin soup and this superior delicacies were not something common back in my younger days. I only get to enjoy a small bowl during Chinese New Year at my grand parent's house. And I would say it's definitely something delicious! Little do I know that, where the fins were from and how to get it. As i grow, I get to know that sharks fin come from Sharks! (Obviously, DUH!) And that's why it's so expensive because this big fish is not very friendly. Neither do i aware on the cruelty of how the fins was "retreived" till last year!

The unethical fisherman just cut the Shark's fin from its body and throw it back to the sea! And without the fin, how does the sharks swim? Almost none of those fish survived and normally when it was throw back to the sea, it would slowly sunk into the sea and slowly die there. I can't imagine how painful it is!!! Why human are so cruel, but hey... am I part of the cruel human?? Just like how I feel so disgusted about hearing people eating live monkey's brain, but isn't eating the sharks fin equally the same?

I think I should move away from eating sharks fin and try to influence the people around me. Luckily my mom is starting to move away from eating/ cooking sharks fin as much as possible :) But for sure I know there would be a voice coming back to me when I try to say no to sharks fin "what's the big deal? your own family also eat shark fin what" I think to avoid getting big quarrel, I shall try to influence all others except the only one?

Anyway, sharks fin soup is delicious not because of the fin, but because of all other ingredients that was added in to the soup. The delicious shark fin soup will still taste the same even with the absence of the fin!

In case you are curious on the news, you can read more about it here.

Think twice of what you eat!


  1. yes save the shark..
    I am not ordering this during CNY..

  2. Thumbs up to you SP!!!! That's a great move!

  3. Good job sharing this post. I have stopped for 11 years. I will not buy or order it. Neither will I consume it even if its served at the table.

    A no is a NO. Its stupid to say "I don't eat shark fin and I will not order shark fin. But if its already on the table. I might as well eat it."

    I am hoping to see more restaurants and hotels stop serving it and if they really want to serve it, then it is their job to source for the ethically hunted ones.

  4. What a great commitment. I just published last week that we would not accept requests for reviews from restaurants that had shark's fin on the menu. My efforts as a foreigner though are often not paid much thought. You though, as a local have a much greater influence. One mind at a time. Commendable efforts and commendable post! :-)